The PetLibro Glacier Water Fountain gets 2 Paws Up!

Sir Pounce is one content cat thanks to the Pet Libro Glacier Water Fountain. This sleek stainless steel fountain not only adds a touch of elegance to his space but also delivers crystal-clear water through its advanced ultrafiltration system. With extended filter life, worry-free water level monitoring, and a smart filter replacement reminder, Sir Pounce enjoys convenient, fuss-free hydration. The fountain's barely audible 28dB operation ensures peaceful nights, and with a 12-month commitment to quality, he and his humans have peace of mind for the long run.

What sets the Pet Libro Glacier Water Fountain apart is its dedication to safety and convenience. The pump and filter are completely separate from the tank, ensuring Sir Pounce's safety. The vacuum suction pump also maintains top-notch hygiene, saving his humans the trouble of frequent cleaning. With a motion sensor for automatic water dispensing, this fountain offers Sir Pounce a clean, filtered drink whenever he approaches. Plus, its dishwasher-safe design makes cleanup a breeze. Sir Pounce is one happy cat, and the Pet Libro Glacier Water Fountain has truly enhanced his drinking experience.